Discover How To Easily Stop Thumb Sucking-Help To Overcome Thumb Sucking Habit

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Discover How To  Stop Thumb Sucking

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Do you have a pre-school or school age child that is still sucking their thumb, and you are concerned about the long term affects?

May be you are an adult that has finally come to terms with the fact that you really don't need to suck your thumb, and you are ready to move on and be free of the embarrassing habit.

Well,  you are right to be concerned if you are a parent as studies are showing that thumb sucking is not a habit that should be ignored. There are many good reasons why thumb sucking should not progress past the toddler stage.

Dangers of Thumb sucking

  • Dental Problems – can result in long term and costly orthodontics
  • Speech Problems – Delayed or problems forming words due to problems with tooth development.
  • Infection- Thumb sucking can lead to blistered areas that can become red, inflamed, and infected. Doctor’s visits and antibiotics are required
  • Illness – Children who put their hands, fingers, or thumbs in their mouth on a frequent basis are more prone to pick up germs, viruses, and are sick more often
  • Finger Nail Infections – These can be difficult to treat
  • Anterior tongue thrust- This is a condition where your child presses against the back of his/her teeth repeatedly and subconsciously with their tongue
  • Chapped Lips – Frequent or constant sucking of fingers or thumb sucking can result in the mouth area being chapped, or red.
  • Callouses

Thumb sucking in early to late infancy is by and large widely accepted, and normal. It is a baby's natural instinct to need to suck and it is also very soothing, and we all know it can help them sleep better, and make a parent’s life much easier if their child is content. However when it extends later into childhood when kids begin school it can become an embarrassing habit that makes children a target for being made fun of, or bullied. There is of course the other problem of potential damage your child's teeth, which can be very costly to you as a parent years down the road when they require expensive braces and orthodontic work.

A recent study as reported by the New York Times advises parents that thumb sucking beyond the age of 2 can result in higher risks of children developing buckteeth, and other bite problems. The study completed by the Journal of American Dental Association who examined three hundred and seventy two children in Iowa led by Dr. John Warren of the University of Iowa college of Dentistry found that

“Dentists may need to rethink the conventional advice that thumb sucking up until the age of 5 is benign. “The university study showed that children before the age of 4 had enough bite changes to warrant the new advice to parents.

Can You Afford The Cost of Braces?

The average of braces of children can be anywhere from $1,800 to $9,000 if your child needs extensive orthodontic care, or wants invisible braces. There may be many choices now days from invisible to brightly colored braces that give kids who have to wear the dang devices a “cool factor”, but the bottom line is that no matter how you look at it, you’re going to be paying out of pocket for a dental condition that perhaps with a little planning could be prevented all together.

The problem for most parents, and adult thumb suckers is that once established it can be very difficult to stop. However, it can be done!  Overcoming thumb sucking can be done without any harsh tactics, and years down the road your bank account will thank you.

I’m sure you would rather put the extra cash toward your kid’s college tuition, or your own retirement.  Give your child the support they need to break their thumb sucking habit, and perhaps even save them the physical discomfort of braces and orthodontic work in the future.

Hypnosis is a valuable and effective tool for people of all ages to help stop thumb sucking. There are many ways to stop thumb sucking and many are harsh and sometimes dangerous. Hypnosis offers a simple and effective ways to stop thumb sucking, and does not require harsh or dangerous tactics.

Hypnosis for thumb sucking is one of  gentlest ways to stop thumb sucking, and can make the difficult of task of learning how to stop thumb sucking much easier for adults and child.

Learn how to help your kids overcome thumb sucking using a simple hypnosis download – Click here to learn moreChildren's Thumb Sucking

Adult Thumb Sucking Can Be Treated! Let Your Childhood Habit Go…

If you are an adult ready to kick a life long habit that can be embarrassing, and unhealthy you can stop sucking your thumb easily. You really can gain control over the need to suck your thumb or fingers.

Adults can stop thumb sucking by using a pleasant hypnotic regression and visualization technique. This quick and easy download will take you back to the time period when you first developed the thumb sucking habit, and will help you  to understand the reason or reasons why that you started it in the first place. Then you will develop the skills needed to remove the desire to suck your thumb whether it be subconscious or intentional.

You can break free and overcome adult thumb sucking.

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