Fear Of Flying – Overcome Fear Of Flying Using Hypnosis – Fear Of Flying mp3

Fear Of Flying It Does Not Have To Control You!

Overcome Fear Of Flying Using Hypnosis – Fear Of Flying mp3

Most people have some niggling of uneasiness that can cause their muscles to tense up when they take off, land and fly high in the sky. The “what if “factor is always in the back of everyone’s mind, as most of us understand that there is some very small chance of accident in an airplane, but for some men and women their fears go to the extreme and becomes a phobia. The fear of fly is not gender specific and affects both men and woman, and is a global occurrence.
Fear of Flying is not just in airplanes….

Fear of flying can include airplanes, helicopters, hang gliders and more. It is most often referred by professionals as aviatophobia, aviophobia, aerophobia or pteromechanophobia.

How Safe Is It To Fly?

Aviation is actually very safe as pilots go though very strenuous training to become skilled at flying specific aircraft, and also to prepare for emergencies. Statistics show that air related accidents are comparatively few compared to other forms of transportation such as Automobiles.

However, regardless of the safety statistics the fear of flying is very common, and can alter the way people live their lives. Being hindered by your fear of flying not only affects you, but can affect your friends, family, and possibly impede you in job or career.

Being immobilized or grounded because of your fear of flying can impact many parts of your life; it can prevent you from enjoying or planning a vacation, traveling to visit friends and family, or getting a job promotion where travel is necessary.

My Friend Shares a personal StoryA close friend of mine told me the story of how her brother almost missed being at his brother’s bedside as he died because he was so terrified of flying. Instead of flying in a commercial airline her brother choose to drive 800 miles across three state lines. It took him 12 hours to get to the hospital, and the stress of driving had him on the brink of physically illness. Luckily for him, he did get to see and speak to his brother before his passing, but he did not get the intimate interaction that his siblings had experienced being there before he took a turn for the worse. To this day he looks back feeling ashamed that he let his fears influence such a delicate decision, that could have led to him being unable to get closure with his only brother before he died.

His fears did not stem from a fear of the plane possibly being hijacked or the fear of the plane crashing; instead his fear is of being trapped, and the plane catching on fire, and a frightening scenario where he is burned alive.

What Is The Cause Of a Flying Phobia?

He has never been in a burning plane, but when he was a child and meals were still being served, one of the airplane’s meal heating units had an electrical short which caused a burning smell in the airplane cabin.  As a young boy sitting next to his mother he began to worry shortly thereafter, and soon the worry turned to fear, and the fear to sheer panic. He sat white knuckled, clammy, nauseated, with his heart pounding out of his chest until the plane landed, and then he never stepped back on another plane for 24years. When his brother laying dying he was so overcome with his flying phobia, or the anticipated fear he could not bring himself to board a plane to see him.

Fear Of Flying May Not Be The Only Thing Keeping Your Grounded…..

The fear of flying can be a combination of fears. If you suffer with the fear of flying, you may also unknowingly suffer from other phobias as well. The fear of flying is a distinct phobia, but it can also include other phobias such as claustrophobia (a fear of enclosed spaces), acrophobia (a fear of heights), fear of vomiting, fear of turbulence, fear of motion sickness, fear of flying at night, or fear of flying over water as well.

Fear of Flying Treatments

If you or someone you know suffers from this type of phobia, you should know that there are different treatment options available from medications, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, desensitization, and even hypnotherapy. Getting past the gripping fear one associates with the inside of an airplane can be a life altering decision that offers incredible benefits that can change a someone’s life considerably. Overcoming a fear of flying brings the world to your doorstep, and delivers endless possibilities.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Fear of flying hypnosis has been used successfully to help many men and women overcome their fear of flying.  This type of hypnosis uses a deep relaxation, and guided imagery to help you or someone who wants to overcome fear of flying to stop their unconscious mind from feeling out of control or to construe the inside of a plane as a extremely frightening place. It has a high success rate for those committed to changing their lives for the better.

I wish you all best of luck on your journey to overcome this common fear.
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