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Get Over Your Fear Of Driving -Overcome Fear of Driving Phobia

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Overcome Fear Of Driving


Don’t let your Fear of Driving a car stop you from living life; You can overcome the pressure you may be feeling from friends or family, your fear of failure, your lack of confidence, self doubt, feelings of being unprepared, panic attacks, anxiety, or shame over failing a driving exam.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say I’m not afraid to drive, I’m independent and can get where I need to go without fear, anxiety or worry!!

Being Afraid To Drive Is It Normal?

Having a fear of driving a car is more common than most people think. When you suffer from a fear of driving it can feel like you are the only one who can’t get behind the wheel of a car and drive any where you need to go! You are not alone; there are thousands, and thousands of people who suffer with a fear of driving so great that it is classified as a phobia. Phobias or overwhelming fear can impact your life significantly, making everyday chores like grocery shopping, doctors appointments, family vacations, or even picking up the kids at school difficult or impossible. It can even cause marital problems with one spouse feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle all the driving duties, and also keep their fearful spouses anxiety levels down.

The fear of driving affects both men and women, and age is not a factor either. Many people feel that they are an accident waiting to happen, or that they might actually die from the anxiety of driving.

It can be difficult to drive or even consider driving when your feelings of anxiety are so intensified. For a number of you it might happen anytime you are driving, for others may be when you are driving on busy roads such as highways, over bridges, or for some it can be the simple act of just being  a passenger in a car.

You might have feeling similar to these if you are afraid of driving or suffer from a driving phobia:

  • I don’t trust myself behind the wheel I get shaky and scared stiff
  • Just thinking about driving makes me feel anxious
  • I felt ashamed that I am so afraid to drive.
  • I feel so panicky, my heart is pounding heart, I feel short of breath, I start shaking uncontrollably, and sometimes my vision gets blurry.
  • I have a terrifying feeling that I was going to die, or cause a terrible accident.
  • I so nervous about all the “laws of the Road” like: do I turn right on red, yellow lights, intersections, merging, school buses, maintaining the speed limit, etc, etc
  • I have a fear of getting lost, causing a wreck, or doing something stupid.
  • My family member is always telling me how to drive; where to turn, I get so nervous I just break down and cry. I don’t want to feel this way anymore! I want to have more confidence in myself, and my driving skills!

Sound Familiar?

Do any of those thoughts go through your mind? Do you get sweaty palms, rapid heart rate, shaking, or general feelings of anxiety? If you suffer from thoughts like these you may have began to doubt your ability to drive safely, which then causes your anxiety levels to soar even higher. When the fear gets to the point that you are afraid to drive at all, then you technically have a sever driving phobia.

I want you to know that there is no reason to beat yourself up about this, it can be treated successfully, and you can get behind the wheel of a car and feel confident and capable.

  1. First you must have the desire to overcome your fear of driving.
  2. Next you must understand that the fear you are feeling is an emotion that you can control.

Fear is a basic innate emotion that we are born with for protection. It is a potent inhibitor designed to keep us safe, but sometimes it can backfire, and our brains get confused seeing overwhelming danger in normal daily activities such as driving a car. That is not to say that driving cannot be hazardous, we all know that car accidents happen every day, but when your fears stop you from living life, and being able to take care of yourself you have to dig deep and let the fear go.

Someone once told me that not being able to drive felt like a handicap, and that can be true if you live in an area that does not have good public transportation, then it can take forever to get where you need to go, you may have to stand out in inclement weather, or worry about your personal safety.

Fear Is an Emotion, It is Not an Illness, and it’s Really All in Your Head!

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It’s Easier than You Think to Get Free of Your Fear of Driving

Letting go of fear that is controlling your life is not difficult, but it does take some commitment.

If driving or riding in a car is causing you extreme anxiety it is time to conquer your fears, and live life to the fullest.

Remember that in reality fear is all in your head. That is not to say that you are going crazy, it just means that you need to retain your brain to not see driving as an unpleasant or dangerous activity. This will not happen overnight, but it can be accomplished pretty quickly if you know the right techniques to turn off the fear trigger in your brain.


It’s easier than you think, and people just like you are doing every day, and they are so happy that they can live a normal happy life traveling, driving to work, picking up the kids, driving to the beach or a favorite restaurant.

How to Treat Your Fear of Driving or Driving Phobia

There are many causes of driving phobias, from being in accidents, witnessing car accidents, failing a driving exam, not understanding the rules of the road, or lack of confidence. Whatever the cause it can be treated.

Treating your fear of driving will require you to get into the car, and drive. However, before you get behind the wheel there is a powerful tool that can help you overcome your driving anxiety. It can help you turn off the fear and the worry that happens when you think about driving, get behind the wheel, or just ride in the car. Hypnosis helps you retrain your brain into enjoying the driving experience, or riding in the car as a passenger. Wouldn’t it be great to get around without depending on others to take you?

Hypnosis works on any age, from teens getting their first driving license, or even those in their golden years. Anyone suffering from a driving phobia can get behind the wheel of a car even if you have never had to drive before because your husband or your kids did the driving for you. Let go of your dependence on others, and see where life takes you!

Life is too short to miss out on great adventures, or bear of the burden of anxiety when you are trying to accomplish the simple tasks of living day to day.

You can conquer your fear of driving; you can be free of any intense feelings of panic and wanting to get out of the car. Now is the time to make the changes you need to start feeling relaxed as you drive or ride in the car; I know you can do, but you have to believe you can too!

That is where hypnosis helps. It can help you gain the confidence you need, and let the fear that is holding you hostage go free…What do you have to lose, but your fear?

Learn how hypnosis for fear of driving phobia can help you overcome your driving fears today!

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Hypnosis For Fear Of Driving Phobia or Fear of Motorway Driving

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