Grieving Loss Of A Pet – 4 Tips For Helping Children Grieve For A Pet- Losing A Pet Help

Grieving Loss Of A Pet
Grieving Loss Of A Pet

Grieving Loss Of A Pet

4 Tips For Helping Children Grieve For A Pet

My friend Renee’s family is dealing with losing a beloved member of their family. A Labrador mix named Joe, who has been a beloved member of their family for the last 10 years. She called me to ask if I thought that hypnosis might be helpful in overcoming the immense grief she was feeling after the loss of their beloved dog. “He was my baby before I had babies”, she said to me.

I could understand completely as I had a Doxie mix named “Minnie” that had begun to suffer terribly from the effects of stomach cancer and had to be euthanized at the age of 20, and I had felt the same way. She was my baby! It was one of the most emotional moments I have ever experienced in my life. She was my other child, and it was heart wrenching.

Renee told me she had the books “Mustard” and “Lifetimes” for the kids, but Joel her 8 year old was still very upset, especially since Joe was a regular bed mate and occasional cover hoarder. He was taking it very hard. Was there something else she could do?

Grieving Loss Of A Pet

The Difficulty of Losing a Pet

I told Renee that losing a dearly loved animal can be an awful time for the entire family, and that It is natural to want to protect your children from the painful emotions that naturally play out. Each individual depending on their intimacy with the animal will grieve differently. However, most children will be able to adjust to the loss of a pet if your approach the loss of the animal in a sympathetic, honest, gentle, and simple way.

Grieving The Loss Of A Pet – Can Hypnosis Help With The Loss Of a Pet?

Hypnosis can help anyone move on after the death of a beloved animal. Dealing with the emotions surrounding the loss (or impending loss) of a pet can be difficult for anyone, but letting go for some children and adults can be overwhelming. There are some excellent professionally-recorded Pet Loss Hypnosis MP3 downloads and scripts that can help everybody do this in a gentle and effective way using relaxation techniques.

The hypnosis downloads offer practical suggestions for handle the grieving process in a healing and beneficial way. The process of grieving is in itself a very physically and mentally exhausting process and the hypnosis can gently guide your mind into a deeply restful state which is very healing in itself. Adult Pet Loss Hypnosis MP3 Download or Losing a Pet Hypnosis MP3 Download

Child with Cat
Child Loss Of Pet

Tips For Helping Children Grieve For A Pet

“What Should I say to my child?”

This is a question that crosses every parents mind, how to broach the subject in a way that will help the child create as little stress as possible, and yet honor the loss and not treat their feeling and their grief as insignificant.  It is important to remember that the emotional and physical connection between a person and their pet can be just as strong and meaningful as those established between human beings. The loss that you or your child is feeling for your beloved animal is no different than the loss you would feel your loss a dear loved family member, or friend.

1. Communication Is Important

Communicate with your child at their level of understanding using word they understand, but if your pet was euthanized many therapist do not recommend you tell the child the pet was “put to sleep”. Young children may think that they may die too, if they go to sleep.

It is important to understand that a young child from 2 to 4 years of age cannot grasp the permanence of the pet’s death. You may well find yourself responding over and over to a young child’s question about when the “pet” is coming home, while an older child can understand the permanency of death and that that their beloved pet is not coming back.

2.    Staging A Memorial – How will you honor your pet’s memory?

However you choose to honor your pet's memory, do it with your child participating by your side is an important part of the healing process.

Having a bench, a headstone, or a rock with the pet’s name on it that the child can visit gives them a sense of the animal being important, and can help children move on, while still being able to hold on to their beloved pets memory. Note: The memorial does not have to be where the animal has been buried.

If cremation is planned having a ceremony and burying the ashes with a beloved pet toy, or bedding can help give a child a sense of peace as well.  Plant a tree or a bush in your pets honor can be helpful too. Loved and never forgotten is important to children and adults.

Listen when your child wants to express their feelings about the loss of a pet. Sometimes small children who do not have the communication skill may express their grief as anger or acting out. Using other forms of communication such as drawing pictures together, role playing with toys, allowing the child to water the tree that you planted, or take flowers to the memorial area can help them express their feelings.

3.    Helping you and your child move on-Don’t rush out to replace your pet. Give you and your family time to grieve, or you may not make a great decision on the “right pet” for your family.  If you had an older dog, a young puppy may not fit into your lifestyle. Perhaps your family may need to consider exactly the type, size and breed that would be best.
Timing for getting a new pet of course depends on the person, or family. There are no set rules about it, but seeking a new companion is a lifelong commitment, and should not be made in haste.

4. Respect Your Grief

Your family will be forever impacted by the love your pet provided to you, and discovering ways to include that loss into the story of your lives will be a significant in the healing, and grieving  process.
Adult Pet Loss Hypnosis or Losing a Pet Hypnosis can help lessen the grief, and pain you are feeling.
Respect your grief it is not trivial, it is real.

Your Pet Memories Live On

Loss Of Pet
Loss Of Pet
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