Irritable Bowel Syndrome- Successfully Treating IBS With Hypnosis


IBS- Using Hypnosis To Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome Successfully

Suffering from IBS or irritable bowel can be mentally and physically taxing on your body and your mind. You may have symptoms that grip your mid section so fiercely that they shut you down, and make functioning almost impossible. Bowel symptoms can include diarrhea, constipation or a combination of both.

Unfortunately, IBS symptoms for most people can last for years after they first appear, but for the most part IBS symptoms are not continuous, but intermittent. Studies show that 10-15 % of adults in the US suffer from IBS, and the cause is still not clear.

Treatments For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Drug treatments have varied over the years, with the goal of relieving the symptoms IBS such as pain and diarrhea. However IBS is not a simple disease, and affects each individual differently.  The complexity of the disease has often left patients with treatment options that are ineffective or with unpleasant side effects perhaps worse than the disease itself. Disappointment and bowel pain are often the hallmarks of most pharmaceutical treatment options.

  • Lotronex approved in 1999- Had been removed from market sighting health concerns
  • Tegaserod, produced by Novartis under the name Zelnorm, was removed due to health concerns
  • Lubiprostone (Amitiza), was approved by the FDA in 2008 and it is being used today to treat IBS sufferers
  • Loperamide (Imodium) Aids in treating diarrhea
  • Antidepressants – Can be used to help relieve the pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Narcotics for Pain

IBS Diet Can It Help?

Choosing and consuming the right foods (non gastrocolic reflexive) has been proven to help relieve many of the symptoms in IBS sufferers. Reach shows that many people who follow a diet that is free of highly spiced foods, avoid foods with high fat content, forgo foods with insoluble fiber, avoid coffee, avoid products with caffeine, stop drinking carbonated beverages, and abstain from drinking alcohol all together are much happier and feel healthier than  IBS suffers who do not.

There is still one problem that books will not tell you, and that is that individuals can keep a normal diet plan, eating all the right foods, but that does not mean that bouts of IBS will not strike. The trouble is you can eat one certain foods one day that do not bother you, but the next day you could be immovable in the bathroom suffering from near constant bowel pain, bloating, and other IBS symptoms.

Using Stress Reduction Methods To Treat IBS

Stress seems to be one symptom that IBS sufferers would love to get rid of. Many IBS sufferers state feeling overly stressed, but the causes can range from dealing with the pain of irritable bowel (IBS) itself, to family problems, or can simply be that IBS sufferers live more stressful lives. The most common psychological ailment suffered by people with IBS is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and an additional 20% suffer with depression.

Treating Stress is never simple as each person has different “stress triggers.”  The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy has been used with some IBS sufferers with some success, but at this time more research has been done on treating IBS with hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis To Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypnosis as a treatment for IBS has been approved by the American Medical Association as a legitimate medical treatment since 1958.

There have been studies completed by Professor R. Valori where research on one hundred clinical participants showed 9 out of 10 IBS sufferers experienced significant relief of their IBS symptoms when treated with hypnosis. Four out of ten participants stated that hypnosis cured their IBS symptoms completely.

Other studies have shown an astonishing 80% of IBS sufferers treated with hypnosis therapy confirm they experienced significant improvement of their IBS symptoms that lasted upwards of two years after the last hypnosis treatment.

Hypnosis works to relieve the anxiety and depression that can worsen the symptoms of IBS including the abdominal pain, alternating constipation and diarrhea, and bloating. Hypnosis has many benefits, but one of the best is of course that it is drug free, and free of any drug related side effects. Safety, affordability and ease of use are other advantages that make it appealing as well.

Hypnosis Irritable Bowel Syndrome MP3 downloads is created specifically to help relax patients and works very well on women. Using self hypnosis MP3’s recordings that can be downloaded into an IPOD or other media device makes it very simple and easy to use this treatment in many locations, and makes it an easy choice for many IBS sufferers.

There is always the option of visiting a trained hypnotherapist in their office, but this is of course more time consuming and expensive. If you are someone who wants a more personal treatment plan this might be an option to investigate, but make sure you have a good feeling and trust the hypnotherapist for it to be effective. It is easy to download an IBS Hypnosis MP3 recording quickly and at an affordable price, but it will take some time and commitment to find a trained hypnotherapist you trust and feel comfortable with for treatments.

You can find Hypnosis Irritable Bowel Syndrome MP3 downloads by clicking on the links.

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