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I have found, and millions of others around the world have found Self hypnosis to be a very useful tool for overcoming their phobias and fears.

Honestly, I still don’t like to go to the dentist but, I no longer have the intense heart pounding, my body is on fire, tingling running up my arms, intense chest tightness, shortness of breath, and feeling like when I sit down in the chair I will have nowhere to escape too. I think that pretty much sums up how my phobias made me feel, and react. After using self-hypnosis CD’s that are relaxing, and simple to follow (for any age) I no longer have fear, and my phobias are cured.”

“I have personally found great success with self-help hypnosis CD’s and downloads. I successfully cured to phobias; claustrophobia, and a dental phobia.

Do I still have a fear of the dentist? No, After using hypnosis for my dental phobia the fear was gone.

Phobia Skepticism

Just to let you know I am a very big skeptic on many levels, and research everything very thoroughly, When I first read about hypnotherapy I imagined a stage performer where people go up, and he makes them dance around like chickens, and bark like dogs.

Thankfully, that is not what hypnosis does, or what hypnosis therapy is about. Those people that go up on stage know what will happen, and in a sub conscious way have decided to follow the direction of the stage hypnosis. No one can make you do anything against your will with just a suggestion; your mind has control of all your thoughts.

To break hypnosis down to its bare bones is to say that it is a state that uses guided imagery or visualization to aid the subconscious thoughts, and turn your fearful thoughts into ones that no longer trigger your flight or fight response. Excuse me but I personally like to call it the…


Hypnosis can be either self hypnotic or performed by a professional hypnotherapist. Hypnosis has been around for centuries, but self hypnosis has really taken off as a treatment option for many conditions in the last twenty years. Much of the increased interest in hypnosis is due to the fact that researchers have had time to do thousands of clinical studies that are proving how successful hypnotherapy is on treating phobic conditions, health conditions, chronic pain, building self esteem, and it even has a place in making an individual more successful. Researchers can not map out brain patterns, and what areas of the brain are being used when phobias occur. All of this new technology, and research shows that hypnosis is a viable treatment option for phobias, and is not a placebo.

Self- Hypnosis

However, still to this day many people think that  Self hypnosis therapy sounds absurd, and perhaps even laughable as a treatment; they don’t believe they could ever hypnotize themselves. Well, as a matter of fact we hypnotize ourselves almost every day.

Have you ever…..?

  • Been driving in your car when all of the sudden you are at your destination and you don’t remember the chunk of time between one place to another?
  • Been hyper focused on a TV program, you did not realize someone was taking directly to you?
  • Spent time daydreaming?
  • Meditated?
  • Imagined in your mind how to broach a subject or how to apologize to someone?
  • Had a run through in your mind planning on how you need, or want to spend your day?

These are just a few examples of how we perform self-hypnosis every day. To simplify the process of hypnosis, you say it the practice of using guided imagery and visualization. This is the same techniques athletes and successful individuals around the world use in many areas of their life.

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What You Need To Cure Your Phobia

To get the most out of self- hypnosis you need to approach the process with:

  • Positive Energy
  • Positive Thinking
  • Positive Attitude & Behaviors

When using hypnosis therapy to treat phobias this positive approach is very important to your success to curing, and overcoming your phobia, or phobias. A phobia is an intense irrational fear of an object, person, situation, feeling, words, colors, or anyone of other countless other triggers.  The purpose of hypnosis is to stop the anxiety, the fear, and program your brain to not see your trigger as a treat. When you accomplish this you will no longer have anxiety, and will have cured you phobia and fear.

Self-hypnosis works on the sub-conscious level of your brain, and can be a very effective and powerful tool for treating your phobias, and fears. Studies have shown that an individual can do this at home without spending a fortune on a therapist, or losing time away from work, and family for attending sessions in a professional office.

I have has great success, and recommend it highly. Using hypnosis CD”S and downloads is very inexpensive, and effective for treating phobias, and many other areas of mental health and well being.

Here is another thought for you while you wrestle with the fact of

should you try using hypnotherapy?

80 % of people who experience phobias will develop another one, two, three, or more without treatment.

Also many phobic tendencies tend to worsen as we age.

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